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Boost your Instagram presence.

Instagram is the perfect place for business owners seeking to build their brand and customer base. But having a wonderful page and fresh content is not enough. You need to introduce it to the right people, and attract them towards your business by interacting with them every day. A task which can be quite time consuming, This is where VGram comes in.

VGram interacts with your audience 24/7.

Based on peoples’ interests, through machine learning, VGram finds and engages your target audience on Instagram for you, 24/7. By liking posts, viewing their stories and more to attract them towards your page and boost your customer engagement.

Give yourself a treat.

VGram has surpassed most expectations. It gives you back the peace of mind for you to focus on your business through a positive-marketing strategy to attract new customers.

Many apps and tools try to do the same, but all of them require hefty setups, daily monitoring and maintenance. We welcome you to try them. VGram has been perfected over the past 2 years to meet Instagram’s community guidelines and accommodate our customers needs at best where it matters.

Automate your Instagram activities 24/7

Choose your plan

A powerful targeting algorithm
to reach a real audience

VGram 1.0

✓ No setup fees
✓ Account targeting
✓ 50 to 250 add. followers / month
✓ 75 to 500 add. likes / month
✓ 5 to 50 add. comments / month


VGram 2.0

✓ No setup fees
✓ Account targeting
✓ Hashtag targeting
✓ More followers, likes & comments
✓ Up to 3x the impact

Min. 10K followers required

VGram Pro

✓ No setup fees
✓ Account targeting
✓ Hashtag & Location targeting
✓ More followers, likes & comments
✓ Up to 5x the impact

Min. 20K followers required

You can cancel your service any time.
Prices exclude VAT.

VGram is an exclusive limited service available by invitation only. Contact us here for inquiries.

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VGram, boost your Instagram presence.